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Grappa Pòta Moscato
Spirito di Vite Menzione Bronzo - Le Distillerie di Sarnico 1886
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Grappa Pòta Moscato

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Grappa Pòta! Moscato is produced in Mapello by the only grappa distillery in the province of Bergamo and the largest in Lombardy. Distilleria Locatelli Fabrizio carefully follows all stages of processing: from the selection and storage of the pomace, to distillation, bottling and distribution.
Fabrizio Locatelli, great-grandson of Angelo, who has continued the family tradition since 1897, says: "Passion, good will, faith and tenacity that distinguish us are the foundations of our enthusiasm.“.

Geographical indication grappa, obtained from an accurate distillation that selects marc from muscat grapes, produced and vinified in the typical production areas.
Brand name: Pòta! Che grappa
Classification: Young aromatic grappa
Provenance: Italy, pomace of Merlot and Cabernet from Bergamo
% alc. / Capacity: 42% vol. / 700 ml
Appearance and aroma: Crystalline and transparent; sweet, slightly fruity and with a pleasant muscat scent.