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Amarozero - 0% alcohol
Valori nutrizionali Amarozero - Le Distillerie di Sarnico 1886
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Amarozero - 0% alcohol

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Dedicated to all those who make respect for health their lifestyle, we have created an alcohol-free version of Amaro San Pellegrino, called Amarozero.
Amarozero should be kept in the refrigerator and tasted cold to best savor its unmistakable aroma.

Classification: Alcohol-free tonic and digestive drink with a taste of bitter herbs
Provenance: Italy
% alc. / Capacity: 0% ALCOHOL / 700 ml

Medicinal herbs and alpine aromatic plants contained:

Gentiana Pannonica (Genziana): therapeutic properties for the digestive system, stimulating the gastric, tonic and purifying functions.
Peppermint (Peppermint): anesthetic, antiseptic, purifying and carminative properties.
Achillaea Millefolium (Achillea): known healing and haemostatic properties and is also useful in case of muscle spasms.
Cinchona Officinalis (China): aperitif and digestive, eupeptic and antimalarial properties.
Aloe Perfoliata (Aloe): anti-inflammatory and healing properties, useful for the immune defenses, to protect and repair tissues against rheumatological diseases.
Artemisia Absinthium (Artemisia): sedative and expectorant effect, useful against cough.
Bigaradia Sinesis (Bitter Orange): anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
piero carbone
Amaro Buonissimo

Ottimo gusto essendo senza Alcool

Luca Pellicano'
Ottimo amaro!

Buon amaro, soprattutto considerando che non contiene alcool!

Alessandra Poliandri
Molto gradito!

Gusto amabile pur essendo senza alcool