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Le Distillerie di Sarnico

Amaro Elisir San Pellegrino

Amaro Elisir San Pellegrino

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Amaro Elisir San Pellegrino comes from a unique infusion of officinal herbs and alpine aromatic plants in alcohol and water. The result of the recipe, handed down since the early twentieth century, is a pleasant and tonic after-meal bitter digestifs with beneficial digestive properties.

Medicinal herbs and alpine aromatic plants contained:

Gentiana Pannonica (Genziana): therapeutic properties for the digestive system, stimulating the gastric, tonic and purifying functions.
Peppermint (Peppermint): anesthetic, antiseptic, purifying and carminative properties.
Achillaea Millefolium (Achillea): known healing and haemostatic properties and is also useful in case of muscle spasms.
Cinchona Officinalis (China): aperitif and digestive, eupeptic and antimalarial properties.
Aloe Perfoliata (Aloe): anti-inflammatory and healing properties, useful for the immune defenses, to protect and repair tissues against rheumatological diseases.
Artemisia Absinthium (Artemisia): sedative and expectorant effect, useful against cough.
Bigaradia Sinesis (Bitter Orange): anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

ALCOHOL DEGREE/CAPACITY: 23% vol. / 700 ml
CLASSIFICATION: Herbal bitter digestif.
APPEARANCE AND AROMA: Clear and dark brown; with the typical taste of officinal herbs and alpine aromatic plants in alcohol.



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