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Distillerie di Sarnico 1886, a family passion

Logo cera Le Distillerie di Sarnico
Tradition and territory. For five generations our company has been producing and marketing fine spirits and liqueurs, with particular attention to the territory of the province of Bergamo: it inspires us in the products, in the names and in the recipes, and supplies us with the raw materials.


Le Distillerie di Sarnico was born in 1886, but it was after the Second World War that Antonio Lochis founded the distillery as it is today, although still with a very artisanal attitude. The company then passed to his son Giacomo and from him to his grandson Sergio and his family.
Since 2018 we have been adhered to the association “The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area”, with the aim of anhancing the territory and typical products, an aspect that has been increasingly close to our hearts for about ten years. The link with history and our area is very strong: Sarnico is halfway between Bergamo and Brescia, and until the early twentieth century in this geographical area there was a strong tradition linked to the world of distilleries and grappa, which by now it is almost completely lost.

What distinguishes us is the quality of our products, not only from an organoleptic point of view. We use raw materials at 0 km, therefore coming from our province and we also take great care in choosing the bottles in which to pack our liqueurs, the paper with which to make the labels and packaging in general.

Showroom Pòta Le Distillerie di Sarnico


Our production covers a wide range. The diamond tip is “Pòta! Che grappa” born in 2013 and distilled for us by the renowned Distilleria Locatelli Fabrizio of Mapello, the only one left in the province of Bergamo and the largest in Lombardy, selecting the pomace from Merlot and Cabernet grapes produced and vinified by wineries in Bergamo. There are three versions: CLASSICA, INVECCHIATA (aged) and MOSCATO.

AMARO SAN PELLEGRINO is based on an ancient recipe: there are documents from 1902 which stated that this amaro was produced in Bergamo at the beginning of the last century. It is an infusion in alcohol and water of officinal herbs and aromatic plants, such as gentian, peppermint, yarrow, cinchona, aloe, mugwort, bitter orange. The result of this recipe is an amaro to be served cold after meal, pleasant and tonic with beneficial digestive, purifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

There is a version suitable for everyone, that is non-alcoholic and gluten free: AMAROZERO SAN AMARO.

For whose who don't like strong spirits, we have also created two aperitif liqueurs: AMICO FRITZ APERITIVO and ELISIR D'AMORE BITTER 24.

AMICO FRITZ APERITIVO takes its name from the lyric comedy by Pietro Mascagni, the famous composer of the Cavalleria Rusticana. It is an infusion of herbs and roots with a low alcohol content, with a red-orange color and a bitter-sweet taste.
ELISIR D'AMORE BITTER 24, on the other hand, is based on a work by Gaetano Donizetti, a famous composer from Bergamo, and it is based on herbs, roots and fruit with a slightly higher alcohol content. Its flavor is pleasantly bitter and it has an intense red color.
Both are perfect for creating imaginative and tasty cocktails.