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“Pòta! Che grappa ”, the first grappa made in Bergamo

Pòta! Che grappa comes from the distillation of pomace produced and vinified by a winery in the province of Bergamo, mainly Merlot and Cabernet. It is distilled in Mapello at the Locatelli Fabrizio Distillery, the only one left in the province of Bergamo and the largest in Lombardy.

The idea of launching a typical product from Bergamo on the market was born from the company Le Distillerie di Sarnico 1886, a company located in Sarnico on Lake Iseo, which has been producing digestifs and spirits for over 40 years, and which has followed all the phases of realization of Grappa Pòta: first of all the name, which derives from a typical Bergamo expression, the packaging (image of the profile of the upper city), bottling and distribution.

Article published in " Eco di Bergamo " on 01/03/2013.

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